About The Flanders Architecture Institute

Flanders Architecture Institute is a centre for contemporary architecture. It is our aim to raise public awareness for the importance of a well-designed environment, to stimulate the public debate on the design of buildings and cities and to disseminate knowledge about architecture.

Flanders Architecture Institute is the prime address for information on Flemish architecture and current developments in architectural policies in Flanders. As the main support organisation for architecture we offer a platform for everyone who wants to contribute to the development of the culture of architecture. We organize exhibitions, lectures, debates and architecture trips, produce publications and coordinate events, such as the production of the biennial Architectural Review Flanders and the Festival of Architecture. 

Furthermore the institute represents Flanders at international events such as the Architecture Biennale in Venice and collaborates with a network of architectural institutions in Europe and worldwide.

On 1 January 2018, the Flanders Architecture Institute took over the management of a pre-eminent collection of architectural archives, and one that is constantly growing. The Institute connects the present, past and future of architecture through the collection. In addition, the Flanders Architecture Institute plays an active role as a custodian of design heritage. It maps out this heritage, provides advice and conveys information to a wide audience through publications and exhibitions.

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Biennial Architecture Festival in Flanders

Every two years the Flanders Architecture Institute coordinates the Architecture Festival in Flanders, which presents new developments and current debates to a wider audience. Over one hundred recent projects, buildings, and public spaces are made freely accessible. Guided tours, debates and special media events help to generate an awareness of the built environment. In all this the Architecture Festival is a moment of critical reflection, and of celebrating the contribution of architecture to our environment.


Flanders Architecture Institute produces a variety of publications about architecture in Flanders, and the work of Flemish architects abroad. The biennial Architectural Review Flanders presents recent tendencies in the architectural production and provides critical reflections on the state of architecture in Flanders and Europe. Catalogues on prominent and emerging architects and writers present a cross section of particular architectural practices, of buildings and designs, theoretical contributions, studies and polemic interventions.

The publication series of the CVAa disseminate knowledge and experience on architecture history and archives. The CVAa's manuals and monographic and thematic archivals guides are important tools and offer reflections on the history of Flemish architecture.


The websites of Flanders Architecture Institute and the CVAa are the main sources of information about contemporary architectural culture and architectural heritage in Flanders. They provide facts and figures, dates and details about events and latest developments in the field of architecture. They offer a list of architectural and educational institutions and information on subsidies and funding for international projects. An extensive database of recent architectural projects is made accessible to the general public.

The specialised website of the CVAa offers virtual access to all registered architectural archives in Flanders and information on institutions, databases and events on architectural history and archive policies. It also offers a toolbox and a F.A.Q.-page as a support for researchers, architectural practices and heritage organisations in their dealings with archives.  

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