Young Promising Architects brings Dutch and Belgian designers together

After the first successful edition in 2017, the Flanders Architecture Institute, Het Nieuwe Instituut and the Dutch Embassy in Brussels are once again joining forces to compile a programme for promising young architects from both countries. Young Promising Architects 2018 will take place in Antwerp, Belgium, between 22 and 23 November 2018.

Once again, we foresee an interesting programme that revolves around the idea of exchange. With this initiative, the organisers hope to bring architects from Belgium and the Netherlands closer together by introducing them to each other’s work, and also through discussions. 

Léon Stynen
Special attention will be paid to the work of Léon Stynen during the two-day Young Promising Architects 2018 exchange programme. His oeuvre will serve as inspiration for the overarching theme of the two-day project: the redevelopment of urban post-war heritage. Both Dutch and Belgian architects contend with redevelopment questions on a daily basis, making it a vital international design issue. Architects are challenged to think about the different ways in which existing buildings, landscapes and urban areas can be adapted and/or transformed into new spaces. How does the increasing need to repurpose buildings alter the role of designers? And what does this mean for design practice? The Dutch and Belgian architects will discuss these topics during the programme. Visits, workshops and presentations will facilitate the exchange of knowledge between the two countries.

The participating architecture offices are:

For Belgium: Carton 123, FELT, FREEK architecten, Laura Muyldermans, Petillon Ceuppens architecten, Studiobont, Schenk Hattori, Sugiberry, Vik Architectuur, Sam Hanne, Murmuur, Voet en De Brabandere, Olivier Goethals

For The Netherlands: Barend Koolhaas, Lilith Ronner van Hooijdonk, Werkstatt, Korth Tielens Architecten, Ard de Vries Architecten, BureauVanEig, Rademacher de Vries Architecten, OAO architecten, La-di-da Architects, Studio Nauta , MARCEL LOK_ARCHITECT, Veldwerk

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